I’ve had an excellent experience working with Powell, Kugelman & Postell in Old Bridge on various jobs from reviewing my company’s franchise paperwork, to checking our home purchase agreement, and even completing the re-adoption of our son. From the lawyers to the staff, everyone has always been very responsive, professional, reliable, and courteous. To sum it all up, they help me sleep better at night


Pleasant! Very professional!!! Everyone was nice and pleasant to talk to. They kept us informed and answered all our questions and concerns. The experience was nerve racking at the beginning but your firm took care of the issues. Excellent service and great staff. Thank you!


Aisha Postell was very professional and helpful the whole time.


After a series of disappointing experiences with other attorneys, I was delighted to find Bill Kugelman. He is an incredibly knowledgeable business attorney and has assisted me in a variety of endeavors. Most recently he created a shareholder agreement for a new company that I established, which required several months of negotiations with the shareholders. He was there every step of the way to explain exactly what the various provisions meant and why they were included. He explained the places we could compromise, and was firm on the places we shouldn’t. I felt that he was always working in our best interests and was also able to explain the legalese in a way that my entire team and the other shareholders could understand.

He was patient throughout the process, responsive and always a pleasure to speak with.

He has also assisted me with other business matters, including attempts to collect payments and disputes with shareholders in another company. In all cases, Bill was thorough in advising me of my options and the pros and cons of each. I appreciate Bill’s work ethics, his wealth of knowledge and the way he takes the time to answer all of my questions. I would highly recommend Bill to anyone in need of legal assistance in their business.


I am extremely impressed with the legal knowledge and professionalism that Powell, Kugelman & Postell demonstrate on a continuous basis. Bill Kugelman?s understanding of franchise law has been a huge benefit to our Stewart?s franchise program over the past 2 years. Bill provides great insight and assistance in real estate law as well as displaying intelligent business legal expertise. We are very happy with our working relationship with Bill and his entire firm and would highly recommend their services.

Stewarts All American, Inc.

I’ve known Joe & staff for many years now. The firm is one of my favorite insurance defense firms that my company uses. Joe & Jose are very knowledgeable, trustworthy & professional. Really, they are just great guys & so easy to talk to & work with. I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for insurance defense attorneys, since that is how I know them, but I am sure they do a fabulous job in their other areas of practice as well.

Michelle N.

I am very satisfied with how my case was handled. There are very knowledgeable and explain everything you need to know thoroughly. They also respond in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Powell & Roman to anyone looking for a great lawyer!


My experience with Aisha was very satisfactory. I was very nervous about the ‘lawsuit’ but Aisha was able to put my mind at rest.

Nicole Marion

Thank you for all your attention with us… Very professional work, especially on your communication with us either by phone or letters. A very special thanks to Aisha Postell.


The overall experience was spectacularly positive. The level of professionalism, follow-through, and thoughtfulness was much greater than I ever expected. I have tremendous amount of respect and appreciation for Bill Kugelman, and will not hesitate to recommend the services of Bill and this firm to others. Thank you!

Tony M.

Professional, pleasant, supportive giving clarity to the issues which were pertinent.