The commercial lending industry is a driving force in the modern economy. The contracts, terms, and legalities of commercial loans require the utmost level of attention to detail to serve as a firm foundation. Errors and omissions in these lending contracts can lead to massive losses in lender liability, fraud, and failure to act in good faith.

When you have an experienced commercial lending law firm like Powell, Kugelman & Postell on your side, you can rest easy knowing that industry best practices are brought to bear in representing your best interests. We are experts in guiding the negotiation process, drafting up contracts with clear terms for the lender and the borrower, as well as being adept at defending these contracts in the legal arena.

  • Lender Liability Defense
  • Fraud and Forgery Defense
  • Loan Reviews
  • Negotiating and Drafting Loan and Syndication Agreements

Lender Liability Defense

Lenders are often faced with troubled loans, delinquencies, and borrowers who fail to live up to the terms of their personal loan guarantees. In times like this, a loan workout agreement might be a viable solution. Though a lot of lenders need strong legal representation to limit their liability while dealing with a delinquent loan.

Fraud and Forgery Defense

The advent of digital technology and rampant problems with identity theft has led to a massive increase in fraud and forgery cases around the world. If your lending institution is the victim of fraud, you need a strong legal defense like Powell, Kugelman & Postell to minimize your potential losses and ensure that the wrongful party is dealt with according to the highest standards of the law.

Loan Reviews

A commercial loan review is designed to assess the overall quality of the borrower’s loan portfolio. This includes assessing their credit score, assessing the viability of individual loans, and accurately evaluating repayment risks

Negotiating and Drafting Loan and Syndication Agreements

The loan syndication process typically involves a single lender acting as a manager or serving in an executive function on the bank’s behalf. They coordinated the loan and the terms for other lenders who administers the loan directly.

This includes negotiating a contract with clearly defined terms for agreement between the lenders and the borrower. The negotiation, drafting, and syndication agreement usually includes naming a corporate risk manager to enforce contractual obligations and/or to arbitrate any misunderstandings.

When you bring us onto your team, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing commercial lending experts are tirelessly representing your best interests. The commercial lending agreements and loans we draw up use clearly defined industry terminology to ensure that all parties understand their responsibilities. This meticulous approach ensures that your best interests are properly represented at every level of the process.

Powell, Kugelman & Postell has decades of combined experience working with commercial lenders of every scale. We’ve successfully helped clients from every sector in negotiating, drafting, and defending a wide range of contracts and contract disputes.

Though our expertise doesn’t just stop with generating ironclad commercial lending contracts. If there is an issue in the future, we can help you negotiate or litigate a solution. This includes drafting settlement agreements to end a dispute discreetly, as well as representing your interests vigorously in the courtroom, should the need arise.