For lawyers, the term ?Irreconcilable Differences? is an emotionless legal term of art or a requirement necessary to satisfy in order to have a judge grant a final judgment of divorce. In sharp contrast, for the people and families involved, this term ?Irreconcilable Differences? takes on a whole new meaning.

For the husbands and wives whose feelings and emotions are behind this decision, the true meaning of this word generally means that there is no hope that the couple will be able to work out their problems and save their marriage.

Some couples seek out the help of mental health counselors in an effort to engage in marriage counseling. Other couples may tend to seek out the help of a spiritual leader such as a priest or a rabbi in their house of worship.

The law does not require that couples engage in marriage counseling in order to be granted a divorce. However, it is highly recommended that divorcing couples, especially ones with children, reach some level of agreement on this issue. When both parties agree that the marriage has reached a point beyond repair and beyond reconciliation, this common belief can set the stage for a much more amicable, expeditious and cost efficient divorce process.

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