It was a big week for the Trump name. The finale of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice starring?Donald J. Trump?aired on Sunday, May 19, 2013. Trump Plaza Atlantic City Hotel & Casino also enjoyed a victory in New York State Court in Kirsch v. Trump Plaza Associates, LLC. The lawsuit was filed by Lea Kirsch, a 71-year-old patron of Trump Plaza. Ms. Kirsch was playing slot machines in the “Inca Riches” section of the casino. At one point she decided to change machines and tripped over the leg rest of an unoccupied wheelchair. The wheelchair was owned by another patron, and there was no evidence that Trump Plaza knew of the positioning of the wheelchair or of any unusual hazard posed by the wheelchair. The trial court granted Trump’s request to dismiss the case because Ms. Kirsch was unable to prove that Trump Plaza either created or had notice of a?dangerous?condition.

As Donald Trump is known for boasting about the?”great,”?”brilliant,” “terrific,” and “outstanding” cast on?All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, could this be a case of great lawyering on the part of the Trump Plaza legal team? Maybe. Or, perhaps, Ms. Kirsch made the mistake of not telling her lawyer, “You’re fired!”

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